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Video of a skinny babe getting her pussy fucked red raw

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Jim is on the balcony of Gustaff with a young blonde girl who introduces herself as 23 year old Gitta Blond. He takes her back to his apartment where she changes into a mini denim skirt, a tight red top, red fish net stockings and long red boots. They begin by getting warmed up with Gitta racking off Jim as he plays with her clit. It’s not long before she wraps her lips around the end before slipping it into her throat. As the positions go on he slides his cock into her wet pussy thrusting it in, both at this point screaming with pleasure. More positions come into the scene when finally she gives him the cock suck of his life making his cum shoot into her mouth as she laps her tongue around the end of his large member. If you would like to see Gitta blond and Jim get dirty go to Jim slip now. She’s waiting…